CNC WaterJet Tables

Price 1518CNC BurnTables Plasma, Torch, Engraver, Router, and WaterJet Tables


Videos can be seen here. 

CNC Water Jet Cutting Systems manufactured in Texas using American made pumps and cutting components form AccuStream (Hypertherm). Cut anything from steel, aluminum, copper, brass, stone, mason granite, slate, marble, and even glass! Finally an affordable waterjet that is easy to use and easy to maintain. Sold as complete systems that include:

CPU (re-mfg), monitor, keyboard, mouse
30hp 60,000 psi pump.
Abrasive pot and regulator
Diamond orifice cutting head
Full Software suite & Licensing (software – Full CAD/CAM & Torch Control)
Import clipart or draw directly in CAD
On snap, Ortho, Polar, Grid features. A full functioning CAD system!
Import drawings in a .dxf format
Array function (duplicate parts for fast nesting)
Lead-in & Lead-outs automatically inserted
Automatic kerf compensation
Save tooling specifications for use later
Operations manual & Free phone & email technical support for life
Open table design, no upper rails
True cutting areas! example: true 48”+x48”+ cutting capacity on the 4×4 table!
Cable carriers protect all cables
Ball bearings for smooth operation
4”x2” rugged welded & powder coated steel construction
Z axis travel (up to 6”)
Belt reduction motors
Grate (owner replaceable) with tank
Breakaway machine torch mount with quick mount system
Leveling Legs
Gantry is fully assembled
Free training class for customers at our facility!
Rack and Pinon drive system for x and y, no springs!
Dual motor and drive shaft driven gantry for the utmost accuracy
Tracer Technology makes measuring and drawing unsymmetrical parts a breeze.  Simply move the machine to key points and import the points into the CAD system.

BurnTables CNC Tracer Technology

BurnTables Tracer Technology

cad drawing

CAD drawing from tracer technology









All you need is 3 phase power, plumbing with fresh water, drain, and a compressed air supply.

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