CNC Router Table

Transform from CNC Plasma Table to CNC Router Table in Minutes! 

All you need is the Router Attachment and a customer supplied false bed (mdf), great for rapid prototyping!


Turn-Key CNC Table includes:

  • CPU (re-mfg), monitor, keyboard, mouse
  • Tracer Technology, simply move the machine to key points and import the points into the CAD system.
  • Automatic Torch Height Control & Anti-Dive Control (see how it works!)
  • Full Software suite & Licensing  (software – Full CAD/CAM & Torch Control)
  • Import clipart or draw directly in CAD
  • Table is 3D capable with 2.5D operations
  • On snap, Ortho, Polar, Grid features.  A full functioning CAD system!
  • Import drawings in any dxf format
  • Array function (duplicate parts for fast nesting)
  • Lead-in & Lead-outs automatically inserted
  • Automatic kerf compensation
  • Save tooling specifications for use later
  • Operations manual & Free phone & email technical support for life
  • Open table design, no upper rails
  • Cable carriers protect all cables
  • Ball bearings for smooth operation
  • 4”x2” rugged welded & powder coated steel construction
  • Z axis travel (up to 6”)
  • Belt reduction motors
  • Grate (owner replaceable)
  • Breakaway machine torch mount with quick mount system
  • Leveling Legs
  • Gantry is fully assembled
  • Free training class for customers at our facility!
  • Rack and Pinon drive system for x and y, no springs!
  • Dual motor and Drive shaft driven gantry for the utmost accuracy

Table Cutting Areas:

4×4: 49.5″ x 49.5″

4×8: 49.5″ x 97.5″

5×10: 61.5″ x 121.5″

Additional Options:



  • Handles up to 3-1/4 Hp Routers for maximum performance (option)
  • Work Bed Frame design allowing MDF to be used as a work surface, allowing the customer easy material securing with the use of wood screws and ease of replacement and low consumable cost.
  • Open design allows easy loading and unloading by hand or fork lift, No upper rails to get in the way!
  • Cable Carriers Included, Cables are protected and out of the way to ease the use of overhead cranes or hoist to load and unload material.
  • Ball bearings used throughout allows for smooth operation and long life.
  • Rugged Welded Steel construction for maximum stiffness and accuracy.
  • Z axis travel up to 6” to ensure ease of loading and unloading material; ensures plenty of room for thick material.
  • Machine Computer with software, everything you need to draw, manipulate, and Cut your parts, Included!
  • Powder Coating on entire table to ensure you table looks great for years to come!


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