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I forget to mention… If you recall we had a conversation or 2 about splitting a pipe lengthwise, and building a waterjet or plasma table for it…. After watching a few video clips of timber sawmills, I decided to give that direction a try… So after 5 weeks and $22k of R & D, I made it work…. :D Automated feed and coolant recycling… (gutted out a $5k JET bandsaw for parts) Max capacity is 12″OD x 32′ length, of nearly any thickness (I’ve done a 3/4″ wall so far). Average cut times for a 20′ length are as follows: 60min for 3/4″ wall 45min for 1/2″ 20min for 3/8″ 7min for 1/4″ (as fast as the gantry will travel without changing gear ratio’s)

Couldn’t have done it without my BurnTable… ; )


Thanks again,

Jason Langston

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McCalla, AL


pipe spliter saw pipe spliter

pipe spliter saw 1


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