1. Metal Bench CNC Table

I purchased a 4 x 4 foot table from BurnTables CNC Plasma Table and have had excellent results with it. We have had no repairs needed to it and we have owned it for 2 years and have put a lot of time on it. the table is rugged and we have cut 10 foot sheets on it by clocking them with excellent results. The accuracy has been great on all types of bolt hole patterns and parts. when I purchased the plasma table I flew down to burn tables and went through there shop and did some training which I would recommend unless you have knowledge on the software they use. It was very informative and they treated me really good. The tech. support is excellent and quick when you call. As far as hours on the machine I am not sure but it is running daily and today it was going about 6 hours. We are a machine shop and fabrication shop and do metal art and outdoor furniture so we depend on it a lot and very happy with it.

I would highly recommend the plasma table from BurnTables.

Thank you
Randy Schmidt
Fairbanks Alaska

Metal Bench CNC Table

Metal Bench made with a CNC BurnTables Plasma Table

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