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My table has allowed me to make parts that I would not be able make without “sub-ing” out work. I love my machine! I have friends with other brand name machines, and they are NOT as well built as the Bruntable. I was able to assemble mine (48 x 96), and have it running in one day with a test program….In other words, I wasn’t making production parts that day. In just 8 hours, I was actually cutting metal! I watched the on line videos over and over, and read the manuals over and over. The programming of parts is extremely simple, and fast. The machine set up is easy too. I don’t know what kind of experience you have with programming and running CNC equipment, but I highly recommend you take the course at BurnTables, if you have the time.

The BIGGEST issue I see, are people that buy these machines thinking they can simply plug them in and start making quality parts right away with no training. You will cut some parts well, and others….well….not so well. The basic training, and getting tips here and there, will make you an expert in a short amount of time, but you need to keep an open mind. I have cut parts from .036 thick steel to .500 steel. I have even cut and prefer to cut aluminum. The machine is great for .04-.25 thick with a Powermax 45. If you can, get at least a 65 amp machine. The envelop of what you can cut, and how fast you can cut will greatly increase, which in term, will increase your income. I’m planning on upgrading to an 85 amp machine, for that very reason. I will also be cutting much thicker parts…More is better in this case. I full support and recommend Burntables to anyone! No I’m not a “shill”, just a satisfied customer that has paid his dues, and makes the machine work!

Thank you,

John Cardoso



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